Saturday, January 22, 2011

How to Draw Castle Floor Plans

The plan for each floor of a medieval castle was different, but there were some rules of thumb nearly all followed. Here are some guidelines to draw a map of the castle, attractive, realistic.

Whether you paint a castle floor for a school project, website, or a board game may make it difficult to find good information on some of the key points of why and how medieval castles were.

There are twovery important aspects of a castle, you should consider when drawing up your castle floor plan. The first is the concept of concentric circles and the second is the idea that once castle need to be self-sufficient for long periods of time .

The concept of concentric circles

This is a very important aspect of castle design. It 's the concept of defenses running concurrently. Such an attacking army had toan obstacle to be overcome, and if they wanted to overcome another obstacle. This is like a typical castle was built. Around the castle would be a big tree and the surrounding area cleared of all brush. Then there was a ditch, then an outer wall, an interior wall to keep him permanently. All these obstacles must be crossed at one time by an attacking army.

Here's how:

Draw a big circle on paper. This is the areaaround the castle, the brush and cleared of all trees.
Draw a rectangle in the middle of the clearing. Make it about three quarters the size of the clearing. This is your outer wall. For this outer wall, a thick band take an inch or two in blue. This is the moat.
Now another rectangle moves in your outside wall. This is the inner wall and the right to castle. In this area many of the rooms and functions of your mini would be self-sufficient village.
Finally, dothe upper third of the last rectangle you drew in the hold. This is the last line of defense for your castle. In the rectangle would be rooms like the main room to take some basic living rooms, dining room and the armory.
Most of your other rooms and functions were in the courtyard between the inner wall and move on. These spaces would be formed on the walls all around the inside of the rectangle.

The concept of self-sufficiency

A castle washave everything they need to survive for the occupants inside without outside help for a long time. This is because an important tool in an attacking army was under siege. It was then that would surround the castle and not allow anyone or any o. This will starve the inhabitants of the castle to surrender.

So, in the castle should be added, all major components of a medieval city. Place this within theHold:

A main meeting room
A dining room
An arsenal for the storage of weapons and armor
A chapel
Housing for Royalty, knights, soldiers, government officials and farmers
A kitchen big enough to feed Castle
And inside the castle right to embrace the castle walls and interior spaces and share these features:

Several rooms for storing food, grain and meat
A large garden, courtyard of the castle was often used for vegetable production completely
Bread and Grainery - Bread was an important part of the medieval diet. grain stores and for a long time, and the baked bread was slightly
Dungeon and a prison for opponents
Craftsmen like blacksmiths and stores Carpenter
A well for drinking water

You are a castle plant as part of a game here can be very creative with the way in which the castle is ready and you can use many functions and features not described. But if you follow theConcepts of concentric circles and the siege of preparedness is not a block that the sense of authenticity, no matter how complex or imaginary are your plans.

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